About Life Simplified

The Life Simplified was created by Kristen Cannon - Professional Organizer/Decluttering Expert. 

Kristen is a Pittsburgh native and returned back to the 'Burgh in 2006 after spending 7 years working and living in Manhattan as a Project Manager and Event Planner. Her life was transformed when she began learning the many benefits of minimalism and organization after moving 6 times in 3 years due to different life events and career opportunities.

Although she was always considered a tidy individual, after decluttering, and applying minimalism to her surroundings, it was as if the pieces of Kristen's life puzzle all fell into place. Not only is her living space in order, she has a new found inner peace, and is able to recognize the things in her life that truly matter!

It is because of these life-altering improvements that Kristen decided to become a full time Professional Organizer - to help others find that same inner peace in their daily lives!